2011 Spring Lecture

Howard Dahl: What’s Wrong with the World? Reflections on Faith and the Market Economy’

“Without commonly shared and widely entrenched moral values and obligations, neither the law, nor democratic government, nor even the market economy will function properly.”
Václav Havel 1936- , writer, fighter for human rights and former president of the Czech Republic

What place does faith have in the market economy? Can profits be maximized if a corporate leader applies the tenets of his/her faith into their business practices? One would believe that there is an intrinsic conflict between doing what is right according to their religious beliefs and running a profitable company. Dahl shows from his experience selling harvesting and seeding equimpent in Russia, that it is not only possible to do business under adverse political circumstances but that he has accomplished this while strongly adhering to his Christian beliefs. It requires personal integrity, patience, and fortitude; but it can be done. Furthermore, Dahl demonstrates that the relationship between the company, the employees, and the community flourishes if profits are reinvested via capital reinvestment, committment to workplace excellence, and philanthropic giving.

Howard Dahl, President and CEO of Amity Technology, was born and raised in Gwinner, ND, Dahl earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of North Dakota and his Master of Arts degree in Philosophy of Religion from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL.  He serves on many boards and has won numerous awards for business leadership and innovation and has received an honorary doctorate degree from the University of North Dakota in 2010.

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