Fall 2014 Seminar

NPEI at North Dakota State University (NDSU) proudly presents the Fall 2014 seminar.

By: Dr. Roby C. Barrett
When: 30th September, 2014
Where: Room 230, Minard Hall, NDSU
Time: 6.45pm-9:00pm
Who are invited: faculty, scholars, students, and community members.
Brief Bio

Program Description: Dr. Roby C. Barrett, a Senior Fellow with the Joint Special Operations University – U.S. Special Operations Command and a Scholar at the Middle East Institute in Washington, will conduct a seminar on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the End of the National State in the Levant. The presentation will focus not only on the current crisis, its causes, the likely outcomes, and their impact on U.S. interests but it will also place these events within the deeper context of the historical political, economic, and social experience of the region. The lecture will be followed by a question and answer session.  Dr. Barrett is an internationally recognized expert on the Middle East and provides policy and subject matter expertise to Special Operations, the Intelligence Community, and foreign allied governments as well as commentary in the international press. His common sense, blunt style and prodigious knowledge on the topic promises a provocative and informative session.

Watch the video here
For more information please contact Dennis Cooley at 701-231-7038 (dennis.cooley@ndsu.edu).