Humanities Un-Conference
The Un-Conference was held on November 2-3, 2013 at the Radisson Hotel in Fargo. About 50 scholars and community members representing serveral acedamic and community institutions in North Dakota participated in the Un-Conference. For more details on the approved projects and to apply for grant funding, please visit the Un-Conference website.

UnConference website
The humanities offer an enormous resource to the people of North Dakota, and to be as honest as possible, to the world as a whole. One roadblock in showing humanities’ value is a lack of collaborative projects that bring together scholars and community members – both public and academic. Without dynamic interaction, the potentialities of scholars learning from each other and the public, and the public learning from each other and scholars remain hidden. Moreover, since the various stakeholders are insufficiently aware of each other’s needs and abilities, no single stakeholder can be effective as he or she would have been with more constructive interaction.

The UnConference aims to bring together the various stakeholders from North Dakota to release the potential for dynamic collaboration. We want to bring together humanities and humanistic social science scholars to create collaborative enterprises with the public that benefit themselves and their respective communities through the strength of symbiosis.The conference would stimulate an organic development of ideas through the participants’ internally and externally generated interactions.

For more information, contact Dennis Cooley at 701-231-7038 ( or Brenna Gerhardt at 701.255.3360 (