The Northern Plains Ethics Institute September Panel Discussion

Conversations for Change: Linking Health and Education to Individual Success

Watch the video here

The panel included:
Dr. John Richman (President of the North Dakota State College of Science)
David Olig (President and Owner of Prescription Center Pharmacy Inc.)
Captain Andy Frobig (Cass County Jail Administrator)

The forum was moderated by Arlette Preston

When: Thursday, September 22, 2016 @ 3:30 PM
Where: McGovern Alumni Center (Reimers) @ North Dakota State University

The panel discussed the following questions:
What are the misperceptions that people have about education and health?

Why don’t we have better access to mental and physical healthcare?

What role does education play for consumers and providers of healthcare?

What questions should we be asking about health, education, and healthcare?

What recommendations do you have for solving or addressing education and healthcare problems?

Are there small things that people in the community can do to address these issues or help solve them?

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