The Northern Plains Ethics Institute Spring 2016 Panel Discussion

Join us for a panel discussing “Police Wearing Body Cameras”

Watch the video here

Featured panelists include:
Dr. Carol Archbold- NDSU Criminal Justice and Political Science Department
David Ebinger- Moorhead Police Chief
Michael Reitan- West Fargo Police Chief
David Todd- Fargo Police Chief

The forum will be moderated by Dr. Nicholas Bauroth (NDSU Criminal Justice and Political Science Department).

When: Tuesday, May 03, 2016 @ 7:00PM
Where: Minard 116 @ North Dakota State University
Who are invited: Faculty, scholars, students, and community members

Panel will discuss the following questions:

a) How do policemen and women feel about wearing body cameras? What are the greatest advantages and disadvantages?
b) Do the police wear body cameras the whole time they are on duty?
c) How does a camera work? What does it look like?
d) How much does a camera cost?
e) What role can the video play in court?
f) Does the public have access to video recordings? If so, how long does it take to get access?
g) How does wearing a camera change behavior during policing?

h) In what types of incidents have cameras been most useful ?

Read more about the panelists at NPEI Ethics Panel

Due to unavoidable circumstances, West Fargo police chief Mike Reitan was not able to attend the panel discussion. However, he was able to send his reposes for the main questions the panel discussed. Read responses of Mike Reitan.