Welcome to the Northern Plains Ethics Institute’s new web site, which includes a complete redesign and delivers many new features.

The mission of the Institute is to promote democratic participation in
social and ethical issues affecting the Red River Valley and beyond. The hope is that the new site will be a starting point for those who want to learn more about ethics; we envision the site increasing participation and stimulating engaged discussion about how ethics affects our everyday lives.

The new site provides information on the study of ethics, as well as an
extensive “Program and Resources” section that includes publications from the institute, various online resources, and links to other noteworthy organizations arranged by subject matter. To provide access to a larger audience, the site also features video of recent events sponsored by our Institute.

A new and unique feature of the site is the “Rumination Room” that
utilizes Facebook’s discussion capabilities. Every month the Institute
will provide an intriguing new topic for visitors to ‘ruminate’; everyone can then participate in an online dialogue on the issue via Facebook. Dennis Cooley, Associate Director of the Northern Plains Ethics Institute and Associate Professor of Philosophy at North Dakota State University, will moderate the discussions.

For more information about the new site, contact Felix Fernando at 1-5121 or W.Fernando@my.ndsu.edu.