Call for presenters for the Fall 2018 SRLS. Only two vacant spots left!

The Northern Plains Ethics Institute is seeking Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 presentations for the long running, town-gown Science, Religion, and Lunch Seminars (SRLS).  If you would like to showcase your talents, research, or thoughtful contemplations in natural or social science, religion, or the combination of the two to a new audience, then we would love to hear from you.

To give you some idea of how deep and wide the SRLS’s range is, I’ve included our speakers and topics from Spring 2018’s outstanding offerings:

    Jane Schuh No Rømmegrøt for You! Controversies over Gluten-Free Diets  
    Tony Flood René Girard on Violence, Religion, and the Social Order  
    Keith Donohue Learning about Human Variation: Lessons from Psychology’s Replication Crisis  
    Walt Clinton Is Skepticism Compatible with Christianity? (Cancelled due to MU closure.)  
    Clayton Hilmert What is Mindfulness Materialism and is it Bad for You?  
    Katie Gordon When Science & Religion Meet in Mental Health Care  
    John Helgeland How to Have a Constructive Conversation about Religion  
    Mark Chekola Happiness/Well-Being Studies  

One of our presenters was asked to be continue the conversation started at SRLS as part of a podcast in Rochester, NY!

Here is what we have planned so far for Fall 2018:

DATE Presenter Topic
4-Sep-18   Walt Clinton Is Skepticism Compatible with Christianity?
18-Sep-18   Donald Miller The Ethics of High Drug Prices
2-Oct-18   Anne Denton Richard Dawkins vs. Richard Dawkins: How the natural selection of memes supports religion
16-Oct-18   Syed Ahmad  To be announced
30-Oct-18   Joel Hektner The Role of Spirituality and Religion in Optimal Human Development

The Seminars are held between 12:00pm and 1pm every other Tuesday of the semester. Each presentation may take up to 40 minutes of the hour, with the remaining 20 minutes devoted to questions and comments from the audience.

If interested, then please send a title and a short abstract to  If you know of someone you think would be a good presenter, then please pass that contact information on to us.