NPEI Cases

These cases were developed by students of NDSU and other community members. These case studies cover a variety of ethical issues and are intended for use in teching ethics.

Other Case Study Resources

Santa Clara University Ethics Cases
An extensive collection of ethics cases for college students being developed by the Ethics Center at Santa Clara University. The cases can be listed into various topics for easier browsing, and provide a place to comment on individual cases.

Alliance for Human Research Protection – An Ethically Dubious Blood Experiment: RECESS
This article states the AHRP’s objection to the US government’s RECESS clinical trial is:
“The trial design is unethical because it fails to compare the best current clinical practice–which uses available blood in hospital blood banks–some of which may be new, some old. . . . However, the informed consent document fails to clearly inform the human subjects of the experiment’s end point, which is potential death.”

Ascension Health: Cases
The materials summarize significant legal and clinical cases that illustrate important issues in healthcare ethics. Some of these cases are landmark legal cases that have had a significant influence on the development of healthcare ethics as a field. Other cases, while perhaps less well-known, illustrate important questions, issues and concepts that arise in healthcare ethics. After each case, you will find a list of Key Ethical Principles, and Issues & Concepts that are especially relevant to that case. By providing these cases in conjunction with links to the relevant principles, issues and concepts, their hop eis to facilitate a better understanding of how the different key ethical principles, issues and concepts relate to one another and interact in the analysis of difficult moral questions that arise in the context of healthcare.

University of San Diego
This site from the University of San Diego has short (~250-500 words) case studies in areas like bioethics, personal ethics, legal ethics, and military ethics where it presents an analysis of a situation and then asks a question about the best solution.

The Center for Ethics at University of Montana Ethics Online Course
Free and open, this course is intended to provide a foundation for institutions that are working to promote responsible conduct of research. Our hope is that web-based instruction like this will expose investigators and graduate students to the kinds of ethical issues and federal requirements they encounter throughout their careers and prepare them to deal with those issues and requirements.
The six sections represented by the buttons to the left each provide information on major issues and contain at least one case study that allow exploration of different options, as well as an assessment tool so you can test your knowledge of the area.

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