Information and Resources on Agricultural Ethics

Ethics in Food and Agriculture webpage of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), offers a publication series  “FAO Ethics Series”  that focuses on a wide-ranging global debate on ethical issues in food and agriculture within FAO and the wider community.

Institutes on Agricultural Ethics

The Philosophy of Food project is housed in the Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies at the University of North Texas. It aims to disseminate information about the philosophical investigation of food; increase the visibility of food as a topic for philosophical research; serve as a resource for researchers, teachers, students, and the public; galvanize a community of philosophers working on food issues; and help raise the level of public discourse about food, agriculture, animals, and eating.

The National Agricultural Biotechnology Council addresses the central questions of agricultural biotechnology from a multi-constituency perspective. Through its annual meetings, publications, and other outreach efforts  the group tries to discuss, promote  and educate people on potential impacts of agricultural biotechnology.

 The Forest Ethics Project at the International Development Ethics Association aims to investigate the role of forest ethics in advancing sustainable development in the forest sector. The essential task of forest ethics is to ensure that actions launched under the banner of ‘forest development’ do not diminish human well-being.

The Ethics of Agriculture and Food Production,  associated with the Nordic Network of Agriculture and Food Ethics focusses on  ethical issues in agriculture, aquaculture, biotechnology and livestock production. The network aims to  create a joint working platform of interdisciplinary expertise, both regionally and internationally, with the aim of promoting long-term cooperative research that will explore, critically assess and enhance the knowledge on ethical issues realted to agriculture and food production.

North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) is a professional society that focuses on the scholarship of teaching, learning agriculture, and related disciplines at the postsecondary level. Members of NACTA are from two-year and four-year colleges, public and private. NACTA hosts an annual conference and publishes the peer-reviewed NACTA Journal.

Journals on Agricultural Ethics

Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics  presents articles on ethical issues confronting agriculture, food production and environmental concerns. The goal of this journal is to create a forum for discussion of moral issues arising from actual or projected social policies in regard to a wide range of questions. The journal publishes scientific articles that are relevant to ethical issues, as well as philosophical papers and brief discussion pieces, and book reviews.

Agriculture and Human Values is the journal of the Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society. The Journal, like the Society, is dedicated to an open and free discussion of the values that shape and the structures that underlie current and alternative visions of food and agricultural systems. To this end the Journal publishes interdisciplinary research that critically examines the values, relationships, conflicts and contradictions within contemporary agricultural and food systems and that addresses the impact of agricultural and food related institutions, policies, and practices on human populations, the environment, democratic governance, and social equity.

Books on Agricultural Ethics

  • Agricultural Ethics: Research, Teaching, and Public Policy – by Paul Thompson (ISBN: 9780813828060)
  • Agriculture’s Ethical Horizon- by Robert L. Zimdahl (ISBN: 9780123705112)
  • Agricultural Ethics in a Changing World- Edited by Maarten J. Chrispeels (ISBN: 9780943088457)
  • Encyclopedia of Food and Agricultural Ethics- by Paul B. Thompson, R.  Bawden, D.M.  Kaplan, and K. Millar (ISBN 9789400709287)
  • The International Library of Environmental, Agricultural and Food Ethics- by Michiel  Korthals and Paul B. Thompson (ISSN: 15703010)
  • The Spirit of the Soil: Agriculture and Environmental Ethics- by Paul B. Thompson (ISBN:9780415086233)
  • Rationality and Ethics in Agriculture-by  Hugh Lehman (ISBN: 9780893011796)
  • The Ethics of Intensification: Agricultural Development and Cultural Change- by Paul B. Thompson (ISBN:9781402087219)
  • Engineering the Farm: Ethical and Social Aspects of Agricultural Biotechnology- by Britt Bailey and Marc Lappé (ISBN: 9781559639477)
  • Ethics, Public Policy, and Agriculture-  by Paul B. Thompson, Robert J. Matthews, and  Eileen O. Van Ravenswaay (ISBN: 9780024206954)
  • Public Health and Agricultural Biotechnology: A Review of the Legal, Ethical, and Scientific Controversies Presented by Genetically Altered Foods- by Mitchell Berger (ISBN: 9781581120936)

Articles on Agricultural Ethics

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