Information and Resources on Professional Ethics

Professional ethics addresses issues people face in a professional environment. It can include topics like business, information technology, personal ethics, academia, or economics.

Ethics Guidelines for Civil Engineers by the American Society of Civil Engineers provides a  variety of resources to assist professionals in learning about and adhering to the highest ethical standards, including codes, standards, and licensing responsibilities.

Society of Professional Journalists  ethics page contains information, case studies, articles, resources and links to ethics resources that are important for journalists.

The Association of Professional Chaplains promotes quality chaplaincy care through advocacy, education, professional standards and service to its members. The association offers opportunities for continuing education and collegial relationships and certifies chaplains for their professional ministry.

American Chemical Society ethics webpage provides articles  and abstracts to learn what it takes to be an ethical chemist, how to conduct research responsibly, and discover workforce ethics that will help  chemists to make the right decision.

The American Sociological Association ethics webpage provides a range of resources, policies, guidelines and a working annotated bibliography to assist sociologists in  professional responsibilities and conduct.

Professional Ethics Report (PER), which has been in publication since 1988, reports on news and events, programs and activities, and resources related to professional ethics issues, with a particular focus on those professions whose members are engaged in scientific research and its applications.

Institutes on Professional Ethics

The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics associated to the Indiana University is committed to encouraging high quality interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching in practical and professional ethics by educators and practitioners who appreciate the theoretical and practical impacts of their subjects.

The Institute for Applied and Professional Ethics at the Ohio University  promotes the application of techniques for making principled ethical decisions in an ever changing world. The institute holds workshops seminars and symposia and assists research on the filed of professional ethics.

The Center for Professional Ethics at the Case Western Reserve University aims to provide opportunities for students, faculty, administrators and professionals to explore more fully the foundations of personal and professional ethics. The Center organizes a variety of conferences, forums, and workshops, which are open to the public, explore a wide range of topics pertaining to ethics. The Center also publishes and distributes The Center for Professional Ethics Newsletter which features substantive articles, information about the Center’s activities, and news and notes about ethics issues generally.

Hoffberger Center for Professional Ethics at the University of Baltimore aims is to promote ethical awareness and critical discussion of ethical issues across  University community and the general public. Center provides teaching models  and sponsors faculty research, student internships and public programs in business and professional ethics.

The Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics  at the Harvard University seeks to advance teaching and research on ethical issues in public life. The center aims  to address fundamental problems of ethics in way that is of practical benefit to institutions of government and society around the world.

Center for Professional and Applied Ethics, University of North Carolina at Charlotte collaborates with a diverse range of on-campus and off-campus constituencies. Together we shape an intellectual, interdisciplinary, and moral space in which people can critically assess, thoughtfully discuss, and strategically address the ethical challenges that confront them, specifically in the realms of business, healthcare, information technology, engineering, education, the arts, popular culture, and public policy.

Ohio University Institute for Applied and Professional Ethics and the Department of Philosophy have brought notable philosophers in Ethics and Social and Political Philosophy to present lectures both to the general public and to the department. Topics have ranged from questions in the law (criminal liability for minors, paternal rights, judicial review), political philosophy (terrorism and morality, J.S. Mill on liberalism, the war in Iraq, religious and cultural toleration), and ethics (the morality of truth-telling, honesty in business, preserving elephants, Stoic warriors). This site has archived webcasts pertaining to ethical issues.

Center for Professional Responsibility, University of Illinois focuses on complex and multi-dimensional professional attributes and how they must be nurtured in order to be attained. The center also provides intellectual leadership and resources that advance the understanding of ways professionals can serve the public interest in the context of an ever-changing business environment.

Journals on Professional Ethics

The Australian Journal of Professional and Applied Ethics is the official journal of the Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics. It is published twice a year by the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics.  The Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics (CAPPE) is an Australian Research Council Special Research Centre. CAPPE aims to combine frontier research in social and applied philosophy with close attention to the concrete problems and requirements of practitioners in the public sphere.

The  Institute of Business and Professional Ethics at DePaul University aims  to facilitate ethical deliberation by stirring the moral conscience and by developing models for ethical decision-making in business and the professions. The institute also publishes the Professional Ethics Journal which  is a peer-reviewed forum for interdisciplinary research that explores the systemic causes of ethical challenges in business and professional life. The Journal provides an outlet for papers that make significant contributions to the development of alternative theories and practices within business and professional ethics, and that examine why global ethical issues, such as poverty alleviation and sustainability.

Books on Professional Ethics

  • Ethics Across the Professions: A Reader for Professional Ethics- by Clancy Martin, Wayne Vaught and Robert C. Solomon (ISBN: 9780195326680)
  • Ethics for the Professions- by John R. Rowan and Jr. Samuel Zinaich (ISBN: 9780155069992)
  • Professional Integrity: Thinking Ethically- by Michael S. Pritchard (ISBN: 978-0700615575)
  • Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions- by Gerald Corey, Marianne Schneider Corey and Patrick Callanan (ISBN: 9780534346898)
  • An Essay on Professional Ethics – by George Sharswood  (ISBN: 9781425517519)
  • The Ethics of Professional Practice- by Richard D. Parsons (ISBN: 9780205308781)
  • Ethics for Professionals in a Multicultural World- by David E. Cooper (ISBN: 9780131830936)
  • Business & Professional Ethics- by Leonard J. Brooks and Paul Dunn (ISBN: 9780538478380)
  • The Book of Ethics: Expert Guidance For Professionals Who Treat Addiction- by Laura Weiss Roberts  and Cynthia Geppert  (ISBN: 9781592854929)
  • Professional Ethics: Power and Paradox- by Karen Lebacqz (ISBN: 9780687343256)
  • The ground of professional ethics-by Daryl Koehn (ISBN:9780415116671)
  • EthicsWeb bookstore :Professional Ethics contains many books on Professional Ethics

Articles on Professional Ethics

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