Fun with Ethics: 4 Immoral Experiments to Advance the Frontiers of Science
This blogger and student discusses 4 scenarios (brain injury, feral children and identical twin separation, extra terrestrial life, and political-social sciences determining how a hypothetical government and its society would run) with comical commentary.

Where Do You Rank on the Ethical Scale?
A short, friendly online quiz that ranks how ethical you are based on your decisions about 5 ethically-iffy situations.

TPM Online Games
The Philosophers’ Magazine online is an independent quarterly, devoted to presenting top-class philosophy in an accessible and entertaining format. The games section was developed as part of an on-going commitment to make TPM Online more interactive. You can play games with titles such as “Do-It-Yourself Deity” and “Shakespeare vs. Britney Spears.”

Ethics Quotations
A selection from of quotations pertaining to ethics.

Civic Literacy Report: Civics Quiz
This is a quiz with questions from Intercollegiate Studies Institute 2008 Civic Literacy Exam. You can test your knowledge about US policy and history!

Sorry, Virginia
An article published by the Baltimore Sun newspaper by David Kyle Johnson, an assistant professor of philosophy at King’s College in Pennsylvania, about the ethics of Christmas-celebrating parents telling their kids that Santa Claus exists.