The NPEI seeks to be a resource for materials consonant with its mission, well thought out and written papers, responses, and other forms of dialogue will be published on this page.We ask that those interested in submitting something for publication on our site, please keep the following guidelines in mind.

Publication Criteria:

  • Work that raises interesting questions, presents a well developed view, or otherwise advances discussion in any area of ethical, social, or political theory or application.
  • Be substantial enough to understand the author’s claims and arguments fully.
  • Intended to encourage thoughtful, civil discussion.
  • The work must be the author’s own, which includes but is not limited to fair use of materials other than the author’s own and for the author’s work.
  • The work must not violate any federal, state, or local laws.
  • The author must be willing to reply to any responses to the piece, if the need arises.

Papers are to be submitted to Dennis Cooley at as an email attachment in Word.  In the email submission, the author(s) must explicitly state that the work fulfills all of the Instructions for Authors listed above.

Review Process
Upon receipt, the author’s submission will be acknowledged and the work will be reviewed by members of the Institute for suitability. The author will be notified of the review, and any comments made by the reviewers, if such comments are appropriate.

Northern Plains Ethics Journal (NPEJ)

The Northern Plains Ethics Journal (NPEJ) is the first peer-reviewed ethics and philosophy journal in North Dakota. NPEJ is an effort of the Northern Plains Ethics Institute (NPEI) at the North Dakota State University (NDSU) to enhance the work of the NPEI in promoting the awareness and discussion of ethical and social issues affecting North Dakota and elsewhere.

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“Being Political AND a State Employee”

Chris Wilson

Chief of Staff to NDSU’s President

Mr. Wilson gave advice and answered questions on how to be political as a state employee without violating policy and state law. 

Here are the relevant policy and information from Mr. Wilson CORRUPT PRACTICES, Political Activity Instruction Sheet, and SBHE Policy Manual, Section 401.2