The purpose of the Dakota Project is to reconsider the possibilities and prospects of life on the northern plains in the light of the remarkable changes and developments occurring in the 21st Century. Building upon traditional strengths, and capitalizing on material advantages, North Dakota has the potential to offer the good life to its citizens and a positive example to the nation. The Dakota Project initiates conversation about the transformative circumstances of the northern plains in the 21st Century and explores how we might respond to them. This conversation is catalyzed by keynote speakers addressing key elements of the current transformation. The central organizing entity for the Dakota Project, working with many partners, is the Northern Plains Ethics Institute, North Dakota State University.

The Dakota Project provides specific focus on emerging developments in North Dakota, but does so with consideration of the big picture. On any particular development, the event precipitating conversation is a keynote lecture by a distinguished, visionary authority. Scholars of the Humanities, consulting with the people of North Dakota, use their skills to frame the discussion and respond to the possibilities and concerns raised.

What is the good life? What are the possibilities for attaining it in North Dakota in the 21st Century? These are the questions addressed by the Dakota Project.

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