Under the project “Making Applied Ethics More Accessible” the Northern Plains Ethics Institute (NPEI) is pleased to make available web based ethics resources.

The project has put together a high quality, ethics web resource that can be used in classrooms and other areas in which people have internet access.   The goal is to provide a resource that teachers, students, the public, and researchers can use in their work. These resources are avialable under the programs and resources section of the website under the “Teaching Ethics” and “Ethics Resources” webpages.

In the near future the NPEI will be contacting high schools, colleges, and universities in North Dakota about the website and its available resources. We will be offering professional expertise in creating or designing ethics instructions to educational providers.

A North Dakota Humanities Council grant has provided partial funding for the NPEI’s ethics outreach.

The Dakota Project

NPEI along with a group of community stakeholders is implementing the Dakota Project. The project is the brain child of Professors Tom Isern and John Helgeland, who is the NPEI director. The partners to the Dakota Project include Prairie Public Broadcasting and other local community interest groups. The purpose of the Dakota Project is to reconsider the possibilities and prospects of life on the northern plains in the light of the remarkable changes and developments occurring in the 21st Century.

In the near future the Dakota Project will begin the first topic of conversation: Agriculture. Two fundamental questions would be addressed.
1. Is the economic condition of agriculture on the northern plains, due to global developments, fundamentally different than it was a generation ago?
2. What are the implications of this for North Dakota? What are the opportunities? What are the dangers?

The first question to be addressed by a keynoter and by respondents, who apply the macro trends to the North Dakota situation. The second question to be addressed by scholars, farmers, entrepreneurs, and
citizens who are invested in the future of North Dakota.