Antonio Conte complains of crazy Spurs competition program.

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Spurs boss Antonio Conte has criticized his team’s program as “crazy”. While urging the club to lobby with Premier League bosses to better organize the programme.

Spurs will play in the Champions League game. With the home opener against Marseille on Wednesday. The start of the program for three matches in six days.

Conte’s side travel to Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium on Saturday before taking on Sporting Lisbon next Tuesday.

“To be honest the program is unbelievable, it’s crazy,” Conte said before the game against Marseille.

“We played three games in six days, now we are playing after four days, but we start again with Marseille, City, Sporting in six days. I have seen a program like this.” UFABET

“Compared to other teams, Tottenham seem to have been severely punished. We are unlucky.”

“I have spoken with the club that we need to be very interested in our discussions with the Premier League. Just one day can change your life.”

The original media reported that after Spurs arrived at the Southend airport. They headed back to Enfield, the club’s training center. The players will spend one night resting at the training ground and will practice on the afternoon of Wednesday 14 September.

However, the former Inter Milan and Chelsea boss changed his mind when he ordered his players to start training in the morning without prior notice. It is believed that this is because the News is still angry from the team’s performance with Sporting and wants the players to be ready to play more.